An exceptional world of exceptional chocolate

Cacao-Trace is a sustainable cocoa sourcing program that focuses on better tasting chocolate, and in the process creates value for everyone, from farmer to consumer.

Cacao-Trace chocolate is only made with segregated Cacao-Trace cocoa mass, obtained from the highest quality beans that have been fermented and dried according to strict guidelines. In our post-harvest centres close to the cocoa farmers, expert fermenters monitor and improve the fermentation process. This ensures Cacao-Trace delivers a consistent superior taste for chocolate lovers, and more income for farmers.


Training and premium pricing for cocoa farmers are part of our program. but we’re always looking for other unique ways to improve the lives of cocoa farmers. With the Chocolate Bonus, we can share the value of a higher quality chocolate back: €0.10 of every kilo of cocoa sold goes directly back to the cocoa farming communities we work with. This often adds up to the equivalent of 1 or 2 extra months of salary.

Cacao-Trace launches in Papua New Guinea

Cacao-Trace launches in Papua New Guinea 

After Vietnam, Ivory Coast, and the Philippines, Cacao-Trace is now also present in Papua New Guinea. The team has successfully adapted the cocoa fermentation process at 60 locally-owned post-harvest centers. The quality of the processed cocoa beans has increased significantly, resulting in chocolate with exceptional taste. The programme already proved its positive impact on the livelihoods of local communities in its first months. As a next step, the Chocolate Bonus will be implemented.